Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have the most common questions about fences, including those about utilities, pools, staining, and more. If we missed your question, please let us know via our contact page. We’re happy to help!

Does Champion Fence offer a guarantee on their work?

Our guarantee is that if there is a “workmanship” issue, we want to make it right because we rely heavily on word of mouth to continue our good reputation. We always use materials that meet industry standards but we cannot guarantee that wood is going to “behave”. Wood will move, twist, warp and crack.

Should I stain or seal my new wood fence? 

There are many products on the market that will enhance the natural beauty of the wood and offer protection from sun and rain. We recommend “WOOD DEFENDER” by Standard Paints.

Does Champion Fence offer staining service?

Yes, if you have the stain/seal service figured in with your fence project you can save up to 10%.

Is temporary fencing provided?

If a temporary fence is to be installed at any time it must be specified and provided for in the work order which will result in additional cost.

Will my pool be secured during fence construction?

Yes, a barrier will be erected to limit pool access during construction and the cost for this is included in the bidding process.

Do pool gates need to be self-closing?

Yes, all pool access gates shall be self-closing/self-latching and shall be equipped to accommodate a locking device.

What about buried utilities?

The excavation contractor is responsible for having the utilities located. The Oklahoma one call system (CallOkie) will be contacted a few days prior to work beginning. Utility companies will have 48 hrs. to complete their task of marking buried utilities. Champion Fence will notify client/property owner when this call is to take place so any access issues may be addressed (locked gates and or pets).

How tall does city code require a fence to be for pool safety?

The Tulsa ordinance regarding residential swimming pool safety specifies fence height to be at least 48” with the latch release being no less than 54”. Click here to view the ordinance on St. Francis’ website.

Will there be any unforeseen/unexpected costs with my fence project? 

All fence contractors will have a contract provision for excavation hardship and un-locatable water/gas lines. If a jackhammer is required to complete post settings do to rock, concrete or even dry packed clay there will be an additional charge. The Champion Fence contract states that $125.00 will cover the first five “problem” holes. The charge for any “problem” hole beyond the first five will be $18.00 each. Sprinkler/irrigation lines, pool equipment lines, and sometimes natural gas lines coming from the meter are un-locatable. Our excavation will be performed in a careful manner but should these lines be damaged during construction, the cost of repair is completely the property owners responsibility.